Optician article on remote vision assessment using Thomson Test Chart
Article in the Optician Magazine

The Optician Magazine has published an article explaining how the Thomson Test Chart can be used to provide a reliable way to test the vision of patients remotely. The article explains that by sharing your screen while using Zoom, Teams or any other video-conferencing software, various charts can be displayed on the patient’s PC, laptop or tablet. The practitioner can then supervise the measurement and results suggests that results correlate well with measurement obtained in the clinic.

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Introducing CheckMyVision

We are delighted to announce the launch of a powerful new marketing tool for your practice or clinic. Place a link on your website and provide your patients with a powerful on-line vision screening tool, branded with your logo and your corporate colours. At the end of the test, visitors will receive a comprehensive report about their vision delivered in a portal where you can promote your practice and invite them to book an eye examination.

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BV Analyser Update

The Binocular Vision Analyser is rapidly becoming the instrument of choice for assessing ocular motility in hospitals, clinics and optometric practice. Combining an advanced Hess Chart and tests of the Field of Binocular Single Vision and Uniocular Field of Fixation, the system provides a unique set of orthoptic tools.

The update adds a powerful new chart design with a variety of analytic tools including area of inner and outer plots and Aylward and Furuta analyses. Multiple charts can now be added to a single pdf file.

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Clinical Eye Tracker Update

We have been busy during lockdown and made some significant improvements to th ever-popular Clinical Eye Tracker. New noise-reduction algorithm, new high resolution charts, powerful new report generation, new hot spot map and much more.

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