Many ophthalmic and systemic drugs have adverse effects on the eyes. EMedInfo is a unique database of the Ocular Adverse Reactions of virtually all drugs currently available, contained within a simple and intuitive user interface.

EMedInfo was originally compiled by  Professor David Thomson and Professor John Lawrenson (with a lot of help from many others) and is now kept up to date by Aston University under the guidance of Professor James Wolffsohn.

The database took over 8 years to compile, drawing on information from original data sheets and thousands of published papers.

The system has recently been transferred to the web which makes it very much easier to keep updated.  It also means that users can access the information from their PC, smart phones or tablet device.

EMedInfo is available on a subscription basis at a cost of only £5/month per user.  There is no minimum term for the subscription.

Login to EMed Info

Log-in to the on-line database giving access to the ocular adverse reactions to more than 300 drugs.