Digital Visual Field Screener

The Digital Visual Fields Screener is a fully-featured visual field screener for your PC. On a laptop, it is ideal for those who need a mobile visual fields test for domicilary or corporate testing. In a clinic or practice it provides a quick and cost-effective way of screening patients for visual field defects. The software includes a 30-2, 24-2 and 10-2 programs plus a rapid 32 point screening program.  The software may be used in multiple or single stimulus mode.

How does it work?

Digital Fields Screener

Software: £24/month (£260/year) +VAT

Includes all upgrades, updates and support. Minimum term 6 months. To run the Digital Fields Screener you will require a PC or Laptop. While the test will work with a single screen, it is very much easier to use with dual screens so that the patient can view one screen while the practitioner controls the test from the other screen. For domiciliary and mobile clinics, a portable panel display can be used with a laptop. Contact us for further information.

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Spyder X Pro


Before using the software, the test screen MUST be calibrated using a Spyder X Pro light meter. This may be purchased separately or through Thomson Software Solutions. For multiple licences, please call for a quote. Special rates are available for Hospitals, Universities and Research Institutions.

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