Efron Grading Scale


This free utility was provided by kind permission of Professor Nathan Efron and Butterworth Heineman for the Thomson Test Chart. The Efron Grading Scales provide a standard clinical reference for describing the severity of contact lens complications. They provide practitioners with a simple method of ocular condition grading, against which any future tissue change may be assessed and therefore enabling choices as to the best course of action.

The 16 sets of grading images cover the key anterior ocular complications of contact lens wear. The conditions are illustrated in five stages of increasing severity from 0 to 4, with ‘traffic light’ colour banding from green (normal) to red (severe) – providing a simple and convenient aid for the optical professional.

The original grading chart has been transformed into a simple utility – simply select the condition and use the slider to show grading images showing different levels of severity.

The software is FREEĀ  and can be downloaded below.

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