Virtual Synoptophore

“A Synoptophore which uses a £30 headset and a smartphone – what is not to like?”

Dr Nadia Northway explains more:

Step by step guide

How it works

Simply link a smartphone (iPhone or Android) to the VR Synoptophore software (running on a PC) by scanning a QR code, and then insert the phone into the Desktek VR Headset (about £30).  The VR Synoptophore software will then present dichoptic images on the phone screen – hey presto – you have a portable synoptophore!

Step 1 - Installing the software

The Virtual Synoptophore software is installed on your PC (Windows 10 or 11) and linked to our Remote Test server.


Step 2 - Linking your Phone or Tablet

Your smartphone (iPhone or Android) is then linked to the Virtual Synoptophore software using a QR code or link. An unlimited number of devices may be connected. The device may be in the consulting room, in the patient’s home or indeed – anywhere in the world!

Step 3 - Calibrating your device

A few simple calibration measurements are taken from the device to ensure that all the tests are correctly sized irrespective of the size of the device.

Step 4 - PD adjustment

Adjust the Virtual Synoptophore software to the patient’s PD (to ensure that dichoptic images are correctly aligned), then adjust the centration distance of the lenses on the VR Headset using the sliders to obtain a clear image for both eyes.


Step 5 - Start testing!

Select the test that you want to do from the tabs. These are arranged into groups: Phoria tests, BV Tests, Simultaneous perception and fusion, Stereo tests, Random dot stereo, 3D Images and Aniseikonia. See the videos below for further details.

Step 6 - See it in action

How much?

Virtual Synoptophore (1st licence)

£12/month (£130/year) +VAT

The Virtual Software is available on a subscription basis. Price includes installation of the PC App on a single computer. This may then be connected to an unlimited number of tablets/ phones. Subscription includes installation, training and ongoing telephone/email/Teamviewer support and updates/upgrades. Does not include the cost of the VR Headset - this may be purchased directly from Amazon

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SPECIAL OFFER: Get the VR Synoptophore free when you subscribe to the Thomson Near Chart! Both systems available for just £195+VAT /year.

Link to Desktek VR Headset on Amazon