What is it?

CheckMyVision is a powerful Cloud-Based system which allows patients to check their vision in the comfort of their own homes, using their own PC, Laptop or Tablet.

CheckMyVision uses voice instructions and simple graphics to guide the patient through a test of their distance and near vision and the number plate test for driving. It then uses an intelligent questionnaire to build up a profile of the patient and their symptoms and history.

CheckMyVision uses intelligent logic to combine the results of their vision tests with the results from the questionnaire to create a personalised report describing their vision and recommending what action they should take.

CheckMyVision: a quick tour

Who is it for?

Approximately 30% of the population in the UK do not engage in eye care! Some do not engage because they are afraid of costs but many simply do not understand the importance of regular eye care.

CheckMyVision Web provides a powerful new tool for engaging new patients from your website. It is ideal for Opticians, Clinics, Hospitals and others providing eye care services.

Subscribers to CheckMyVision Web can place a link on their website to invite vistors to check their own vision.  This will take the visitor through a comprehensive assessment of their vision using their own PC, Laptop or Tablet.  The test is branded with your logo and in your colours.

At the end of the test, the visitor receives a customised report giving the outcome of their assessment and various recommendations concerning their eyes. This is all presented in a portal where you can provide details about your practice and a click-through to book an appointment.

Your Own Dashboard

As a subscriber to CheckMyVision Web, you have your own dashboard showing the number of tests that have been completed.  You can also customise the portal to include details of your practice, upload your own logo and specify your own corporate colours.

If users agree to receive marketing information, you can download a list of their names and email addresses to use for marketing purposes.

How it works?

Subscribers may add a page to their website offering an on-line vision assessment. A click-through takes the visitor to a login page branded with the logo and colour scheme of the subscriber.

Alternatively, those looking for an on-line vision assessment might be directed to the CheckMyVision public-facing website.  This site contains information about the test then invites visitors to enter their postcode.  They will then be shown the practices in their area offering the CheckMyVision test.


The test is web-based and will work on most PCs, Laptops and Tablets. Each screen has simple instructions and graphics and vocal instructions.

The first stage is to perform a simple calibration to determine the size of the screen being used. To do this the user place a bank card or driving licence on the screen and stretches the image using a slider so that it matches the size of the card.  Job done!

Intelligent Questionnaire

CheckMyVision builds up a profile of the user and details of their symptoms and history using an “intelligent” questionnaire which bases the questions on the response to previous questions.

This information is use to create a customised report at the end of the test which takes account of their age, symptoms and history and date of last eye examination.

Near Vision Test

Presbyopia is one of the most common visual problems in the general population..

CheckMyVision Web includes a comprehensive assessment of near vision.  The user is asked to rate their comfort while viewing text of various sizes with each eye individually.

Distance Visual Acuity 1

To measure distance acuity, the user has to stand at 3m from the screen. If they have a tape measure, they can measure this distance directly.

If they don’t, they can enter their shoe size and CheckMyVision will calculate the number of pigeon footsteps they need to take from the screen. Tests have shown that this method is surprisingly accurate!

Distance Visual Acuity 2

The second challenge is – how does the user enter their responses if they are 3 metres from the screen? If the user has somebody to help, they may enter the responses on behalf of the user.

If not, the user may use their phone to scan a QR code on the screen. This turns their phone into an intelligent remote control!  This is all web-based and does not require the user to download an app.

Distance Visual Acuity 3

Visual acuity is measured using tumbling Es following a validated staircase algorithm which has been shown to produce an accurate measure of visual acuity.

Number Plate Test

If the user is a driver, CheckMyVision Web will present a UK number plate suitably scaled for the 3m viewing distance.

The user is required to identify each of the letters and numbers on the number plate.

Personalised Report

At the end of the test, CheckMyVision Web creates a personalised report taking account of their vision test results and the information gathered in the questionnaire.

At the end of the report, a series of “intelligent” recommendations are made. For example “In view of your test results and the symptoms that you report, it is strongly recommended that you have a full eye examination by an optometrist”.

The precise wording of the recommendations can be tailored by the subscriber.

User Portal

Once the user has created an account, they can log in to their account and re-check their vision at any time.  They can also view the results of previous tests and create a copy of their results to take to their eye examination.

The User portal also includes information about the practice subscribing to the service providing a unique marketing opportunity.