Visual fields and social distancing

The design of conventional visual field instruments means that airborne particles will be transmitted into the bowl of the instrument which makes these instruments difficult to thoroughly disinfect between patients.

The Digital Fields Screener by Thomson Software Solutions uses a conventional computer screen to assess central visual fields. This circumvents many of the issues with conventional instruments.

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Using Thomson Test charts for remote testing

Current guidelines on Social Distancing have made it difficult (or impossible) for patients to attend a clinic to have their visual acuity checked.

The good news is that the Thomson Test Chart may be used in association with video-conferencing software (e.g. Zoom or Teams) to assess the vision of patients in their homes or other remote locations.

Outline instructions:

Trials have shown that the accuracy and test/retest repeatability of this approach is similar to that for measurements taken in the clinic.

Phoropter interface

Trial frames have served us well for hundreds of years! However, they are difficult to disinfect and require the practitioner to be in close proximity to the patient.

Modern computerised phoropters provide an excellent alternative and while most link to some form of projector or electronic test chart, these do not offer the same ease of use and variety of tests as the Thomson Test Chart.

The good news is that you can control the Nidek RT5100/ RT6100 and the Topcon CV5000 phoropter directly from the Thomson Test Chart using our optional Phoropter Control module.

This means that you can have the world’s most powerful Test Chart and complete control of your phoropter from within the same slick interface. Simply click on the sphere, cyl or axis required and use the mouse wheel to rapidly dial up the required prescription. Rapidly select cross-cyls, prisms, occluders, auxilliary lenses etc. The graphics on the screen means that you know exactly what lenses are in front of the patient’s eyes which eases the transition from trial frame to phoropter.

Beacuase the same software controls the Test Chart and the Phoropter you can co-ordinate the two – inserting corresponding lenses when certain tests are selected and vice versa. We can also link to many Electronic Record Systems allowing the patient’s prescription to be imported directly to the phoropter then exported back into the the patient’s record.


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