Optician article on remote vision assessment using Thomson Test Chart
Article in the Optician Magazine

The Optician Magazine has published an article explaining how the Thomson Test Chart can be used to provide a reliable way to test the vision of patients remotely. The article explains that by sharing your screen while using Zoom, Teams or any other video-conferencing software, various charts can be displayed on the patient’s PC, laptop or tablet. The practitioner can then supervise the measurement and results suggests that results correlate well with measurement obtained in the clinic.

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Norville back on track

We are happy to confirm that Norville are back in business and will continue to supply ReadEZ prescription lenses.

ReadEZ Overlays, Reading guides, Clip-ons and Plano uncut lenses should be ordered directly through Thomson Software Solutions. Prescription ReadEZ lenses and glazed plano lenses should be ordered directly through Norville.

RNIB adopts Digital Field Screener

The RNIB have recently adopted the Thomson Digital Fields Screener to provide a means of screening the visual fields of patients seen as part of their domicilary service. Before the advent of the Digital Field Screener clinicians had to choose between a crude confrontation test or “lugging” a bulky field screener between visits. The Digital Field Screener provides a portable, fast and cost-effective new tool for the domicilary clinician.

Fields at home: Article published in the Optician 15/5/2019

Fields on the go Article published in the Optician article 23/8/19

Thomson wins Moorfields contract

Thomson Software Solutions has won a prestigious contract to supply their computer-based test charts to Moorfields Eye Hospital and their satellite sites. The contract which will take three years to fully implement, will involve replacing all back-illuminated Snellen charts with the latest Thomson Test Chart.

The charts, originally developed by Professor David Thomson, are already installed in over 8000 consulting rooms in the UK alone including many hospital eye departments.

“We are very pleased that one of the best-known eye hospitals in the world has decided to install our test charts” said Professor Thomson. “We have worked very hard to ensure that our Test Charts are at the cutting edge of vision assessment while maintaining the user-friendly interface that has made the charts so popular”.

Free virtual tutorials

The current situation has forced many of us to take a break from our normal day-to-day activities. Why not take advantage of this time by updating your skills and knowledge?

Prof Thomson and his team are offering free on-line demonstrations and tutorials to anyone who is interested. Select a topic, gather your staff around a PC and we will give you a masterclass on a variety of topics.

Some of the topics we can cover are:

If you would like to book a tutorial on any of these topics (or anything related), please give us a call to arrange a time and date.

Occupational Screener now available

Our new Occupational Screener software is set to revolutionise vision screening in companies and industry.

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