NEWS: Thomson Software supports roll-out of new clinics for Vision Care for Homeless People

Thomson Software Solutions has pledged to support all the new Vision Care for Homeless People clinics which are scheduled to open in the next five years throughout the UK.

As a longstanding supporter of the charity, with software in the existing VCHP clinics, the commitment is welcome news.  Founder of Thomson Software Solutions, Professor David Thomson explained his support –

“I have followed the progress of Vision Care for Homeless People for many years, as I have known Elaine Styles, who founded the charity, since she was at City University.  We greatly admire the work being done and have supported VCHP with donations and charts: they are familiar to most optometrists and are easy to use.  We would like to continue our support for the new clinics as they rolled-out.”

Thomson Software Solutions is providing both the hardware and software to run the test charts –

“Our Test Charts seem to work well in the VCHP clinics as they provide a huge range of charts and other tests which ensure that patients have access to the latest tests of visual function.”

“Another advantage is that the 6m distance for conventional test charts is not always available in the clinics and our software can be adjusted to the distance available,” added David.

Elaine praised the support –

“As an optometrist in private practice, I love using a Thomson test chart as it gives great flexibility on the size and type of target you use with letters, numbers, shapes or pictures as well as the other extensive functions. I have had experience of using other computerised charts and none of them are as good as this.

“In our VCHP clinics, having the Thomson charts gives flexibility and looks very professional. As we expand, the charts are easy to set up and use, either as a permanent feature of via a laptop in mobile clinics.  We are very grateful to Prof David Thomson for the continued support and commitment as we expand across the UK,” she added.