Price List

Thomson Test Chart Software

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Thomson Test Chart 2020£35/month (£378/year)+VAT
Thomson Test Chart 2020 UPGRADE£22/month (£237/year)+VAT
Thomson Test Chart 2020 with Phoropter Interface£42/month (£453/year)+VAT
Thomson Test Chart 2020 with Phoropter Interface UPGRADE£30/month (£324/year)+VAT
Thomson Test Chart LITE£25/month (£270/year)+VAT
Thomson Test Chart LITE UPGRADE£18/month (£195/year)+VAT

Near Chart Software

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Thomson Near Chart£18/month (£195/year)+VAT
Thomson Near Chart (Subsequent licenses within same practice)£15/month (£162/year)+VAT

Paediatric Screening Software

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Paediatric Screening Test Chart£15/month (£162/year)+VAT

Eye Tracker Software

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Clinical Eye Tracker£32/month (£345/year)+VAT
Clinical Eye Tracker UPGRADE (Requires Tobii Eye Bar)£20/month (£216/year)+VAT

Binocular Vision Analyser Software

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Binocular Vision Analyser£32/month (£345/year)+VAT

Digital Field Screener Software

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Digital Field Screener£24/month (£260/year)+VAT

ReadEZ Software

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ReadEZ Screening Software£28/month (£300/year)+VAT
ReadEZ Screening Software UPGRADE£18/month (£195/year)+VAT

Occupational Screener Software

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Occupational Screener£32/month (£345/year)+VAT

D Chart Software

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D Chart£75/year +VAT
EMed Info£5/month +VAT

Additional Information

Software Subscription

Due to changes in the Medical Device Regulations, most of our software is now only available on a subscription basis which allows us to demonstrate that we offer ongoing updates and support to maintain compliance. Payments are generally by monthly direct debit. Discounts are available for annual payment in advance.

Users subscribing to our software are entitled to all updates, upgrades and unlimited telephone or remote support.

Upgrades & Support for Existing Users

If you have purchased a perpetual licence for any of our software, we will continue to provide activation codes and basic support. However, we are unable to provide download links or updates and additional support may be chargeable.

However, users who have purchased a licence will be eligible for an upgrade subscription at a reduced cost for a period of time. You will then enjoy the benefits of access to the latest version of the software and unlimited support.

Multiple Licences

We offer significant discounts for multiple licences. If you are equipping a large department or practice, please contact us to discuss a complete package price.

On-line Licensing

All software from 2020 onwards uses on-line licensing. This avoids the need to re-activate the software and facilitates moving a licence from one computer to another.

Off-line licensing will only be available in exceptional cases where the computer being used does not have internet access. Off-line licences will require reactivation on an annual basis.

Upgrades & Updates for Subscribers

All software from 2020 onward has an Update facility to allow the software to updated automatically. This does require internet access.


Our software is very simple to install and calibrate and we are always happy to provide support over the phone or using Teamviewer. We can offer an on-site installation and training service in most parts of the UK. Please contact us for a quote.

Service Contracts

We can provide service contacts for hospitals and large practices. Services include a calibration audit, updating of software and training. Please call for a quote.

Hardware Warranties

All hardware supplied includes a one-year exchange warranty. Extended warranties and on-site warranties are available on request. Please call for a quote.