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“The Thomson Test Chart  was the first computerised test chart and still leads the way in terms of range of tests, usability and value for money.”

Charts and tests ...

LogMAR Charts


The LogMAR chart has rapidly become the test format of choice for clinicians. The Thomson Test Chart includes a huge range of options for LogMAR charts including ETDRS, Linear, Crowded Linear, Column etc. LogMAR charts are available in 12 different optotypes including Sloan, British, Kay, Tumbling E, Landolt C, Makaton, Sheridan Gardner and in a number of different language fonts including Gujarati, Arabic, Punjabi and Hebrew.

Snellen Charts


12 different optotypes can be displayed in the traditional Snellen format including British, Sloan, Sheridan-Gardner, Landolt Cs, Tumbling Es, Kay pictures, Numbers, Gujarati, Punjabi, Arabic and Hebrew. A single row or column can be shown and a range of cursors are available to isolate specific letters or rows.

Single Letter Charts


It is sometimes easier to show a single letter, particularly when testing children and those with learning difficulties. The size of the letters can be changed in 0.1 logMAR steps and crowding bars can be added. A wide range of optotypes can be displayed in single letter format.

Contrast Sensitivity


This chart is similar to the Pelli-Robson test. Patients are required to read triplets of letters of decreasing contrast. The minimum contrast required for the patient to read 2 out of the 3 letters is recorded as the contrast sensitivity. This measurement is particularly valuable for patients with cataracts and various neurological conditions such as glaucoma.

Refraction Targets


A wide range of targets are included for use during refraction. Targets include rings and dots of different sizes and rows of characters. Additional tests are available if a polarised monitor is used.

Fan & Block Test

The fan and block test remains a useful test for identifying and measuring astigmatism.

Duochrome Tests

The duochrome test provides a rapid method for assessing patients’ refractive status. The Thomson Test Chart allows various targets and optotypes to be presented against a duochrome background.

Phoria Tests

The Thomson Test Chart includes a targets for use with the Maddox rod.

Associated Phoria Tests

The patient views the bars through the red/green visor provided. The bars are moved until they appear to be aligned and a measure of the associated phoria in prism dioptres is displayed on the screen.

Fixation Disparity Tests

The Thomson Test Chart includes a range of fixation disparity tests. Red/green dissociation is used for non-polarised monitors while cross polarisation is used for polarised monitors.

Worth 4 Dot Test

The Worth 4 dot provides a quick check for suppression. In this implementation the patient wears red / green spectacles (provided) and is asked how many dots they can see. 4= binocular, 3 = Left suppression, 2= Right suppression


The Thomson Test Chart includes a distance random dot stereogram tests. Dynamic generation of stereograms allows the disparity of the images to be adjusted to provide an accurate assessment of stereopsis. Generate shapes or letters in depth.

Vernier Acuity

Vernier Acuity has been shown to be useful in assessing the potential vision of patients with cataracts. Simply measure the minimum displacement required for the patient to detect that the two bars are mis-aligned.

Fixation Targets

Test Chart FULL includes over 200 different images for fixation including photographs, cartoons and a selection of spots and crosses. The images are arranged in groups and a slide-show of the images within a group may be shown during retinoscopy or ophthalmoscopy for example. Add your own images and videos if required.

Task Images

Test Chart 2020 includes a range of task images which simulate very screens and tasks that they may be called upon to read in everyday life. Sky menu, arrival board, sub titles, clocks – to name but a few.

UK Number Plate Tests

The “number” plate test remains the only statutory test of vision required for driving in the UK. Test Chart 2020 is capable of exactly replicating a series of front and rear number plates using the exact fonts and character spacing. The number plates can also be presented against a variety of backgrounds to simulate real world conditions.

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List of features ...

LogMAR Charts
Snellen Charts
Single Letter Charts

Optotypes available on all charts

British | Sloan | Sheridan Gardner | Lower case | Landolt C | Tumbling E | Hebrew | Arabic | Gujarati | Punjabi | Makaton symbols

Other features available on test charts

Crowded Singles
Crowded Linear
Crowded/uncrowded LogMAR
Cursors to underline rows and letters
Smallest LogMAR size -0.4-0.4
Smallest Snellen size 6/3 (Customisable)6/3 (Customisable)
Variable viewing distance Nearest cm Nearest cm
Duochrome split on charts
Coloured charts
Variable letter contrast
ETDRS chart
Letters randomisable
Default letters
Letter selection customisable
LogMAR scoring utility
Automated VA measurement

Duochrome test

Variable size

Fan and Block test

Angle resolution 1 deg

Cross cyl targets

Variable size

Fixation Disparity (red/green)


Worth 4 Dot Test (red/green and polarised)

Random dot stereograms (red/green and polarised)

Maddox rod stimulus


Associated phoria test

UK Number Plate test

Front | Back | On-car | Randomisable

Fixation Targets

Dots and crosses | Clown images | Cartoons | Landscapes | Animals | Flowers | Task images | Clinical images | Videos | Image/Video import | Slide show mode

Letter contrast sensitivity

Variable letter size
Variable optotypes

Patient education resource centre

Web links

Split screens

Horizontal & Vertical split

User-defined screens

Dual monitor support

Floating Control Window

Thumbnail of main chart
Auto pointing and underlining on main chart
Efron contact lens complications grading
Automated VA measurement
LogMAR scoring utility
Contact lens fitting toolbox

Tablet / Smartphone interface

Interactive remote contol via wi-fi

Near vision testing on tablet

Acuity charts | Test types | Fixation disparity | Binocularity | Random dot stereograms | 3D images | Interactive | Amsler charts | DSE test images | Near duochrome

Phropter interface

Topcon CV5000 | Nidek RT5100

Polarised mask option

Polarised fixation disparity tests | Polarised suppression tests | Polarised binocular balancing

3D monitor support

Polarised fixation disparity tests | Polarised suppression tests | Polarised binocular balancing | 3D Images | Polatests | Aneisikonia tests | Cyclotorsion tests

IR Remote Control

Mouse control

Keyboard control

Tablet / Smartphone control


Windows 7, 8, 10 | Mac running PC emulator


On-line licencing
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