Test Chart Phoropter Module

“The Phoropter Module provides direct control of your phoropter and the Test Chart from one screen. Simply roll your mouse wheel and the corresponding lenses will be selected by the phoropter.  A single click allows you to transfer Rxs between the phoropter and your Electronic Patient Record system while our routines allow you to semi-automate your refraction.”

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Test Chart Phoropter Module

The Test Chart Phoropter module is an optional module for Test Chart FULL which allows simultaneous control of your Test Chart and computerised phoropter. The phoropter module is displayed in the floating window in front of the optometrist while the test chart is displayed on a second monitor. Lenses are simply dialled in using the mouse wheel and a graphical display shows you exactly what lenses and supplementary filters are currently selected in the phoropter.

Interfaces are currently available for the Topcon CV5000 and Nidek RT5100 phoropters.

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